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Raffles Seychelles - Villas & Residences

Villas & Residences

Parquet flooring in hues of honeyed gold. Sheer white curtains shifting in the Indian Ocean breeze, and beyond them, a terrace studded, jewel-like, with a sapphire-tiled plunge pool. This is how we interpret paradise at Raffles Seychelles, in a collection of 86 private pool villas designed with the carefree, understated beauty of island living in mind. The details of your personal haven are yours to decide. A two-bedroom eyrie at the top of the resort, surrounded by panoramic views of the Praslin palm forests and lapping ocean? Or an open-plan garden retreat, screened by lush greenery for uninterrupted privacy. In each villa, the natural spectacle outside is complemented by Seychellois masterpieces by renowned local artist Sheila Markham.