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Raffles Seychelles - Sustainability


Preserving the islands for generations to come

At Raffles Seychelles, we care passionately about the archipelago we are proud to call home. For this reason, every aspect of the resort has been designed with sustainability and stewardship in mind.

Five-stage filtration has allowed the hotel to tap into alternative water resources and has since enabled us to implement a total ban on single-use plastic since 2019. Resort buggies run off hybrid power, and our lush tropical gardens have been carefully planted to encourage the growth of key species including the native – and endangered – Coco de Mer palm.

Endemic Palms
Several endemic and indigenous plant species have been replanted throughout the grounds of the resort to restore the natural beauty of the site which had been laid bare 11 years earlier due to fires. These fires have led to deforestation and extended to more issues such as land erosion and coastal damage. We’ve since set out on a mission to plant as many trees as possible on the site, and along with the help of TRASS (Terrestrial Restoration Action Society Seychelles), our team has been able to plant over two hundred endemic plants and contributed in planting over 1000 mangroves.
Coral Rehabilitation
Raffles Seychelles has collaborated with the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles to kickstart a coral rehabilitation project at the resort’s resident beach. This included the construction of coral nurseries and a snorkelling trail for our guests to discover. Guests are also invited to coral planting activities granting an opportunity to be part of the restoration project. With the help of Nature Seychelles, this project is expanding to feature approximately one hundred artificial reef frames which will promote reef life in the area. Our on-site team will carry out assessments and monitor the success of the reefs.
Goodbye Single-use Plastic
In 2019, our resort has taken a stand to reduce and stop the use of disposable plastics on the island. Today, we use zero single-use plastic on-site and are now proud sponsors of the Aldabra Clean-Up Project. Each year, more than 50 billion plastic water bottles are used across the globe, up to 8.3 billion plastic straws are scattered around the world’s beaches, and there are more than 270,000 tons of plastic floating on the waters of the world. Additionally, our villas feature plastic-free amenities and our on-site boutique features items made from recycled plastic. We are passionate about environmental preservation and sustainability. We’re exemplifying an eco-conscious stance throughout our operations. We are providing ways in which guests can decrease their carbon footprint during their stay and are making strides to reduce the environmental impact by ending the use of plastic straws and other non-biodegradable materials.
Think Out of the Bottle
The Raffles Seychelles water purification project introduced glass bottling on property and has resulted in many positive outcomes on energy usage and a significant decrease in plastic waste. Five-stage filtration has allowed the hotel to tap into alternative water resources. Water is sourced from a mountain on-site and bottled in the resort, providing a sustainable solution for the pristine sanctuary, guests and those who live in the surrounding archipelago. To date, the bottling plan has prevented the use of over 260,000 plastic bottles, weighing more than 130,000 kg
Farm to Table
The freshest catch of fish and seafood served at our restaurants is always purchased from local fishermen - 98% of fish (with the only exception being salmon), as well as fruits and vegetables, are sourced from local farmers. The island has a limited supply of many basic ingredients, which is why we import at all. However, we promote healthy living by sourcing our food from local suppliers where possible and promoting local produce on the many wellness-driven dishes on our restaurant menus.