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Whether practising yoga at sunrise on the spa deck overlooking the water or at sunset on the soft white sand, you will find it easy to unite breathing, meditation and movement to enhance your overall sense of mindfulness, health and wellbeing. As a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you will increase flexibility, decrease stress levels, and energise and restore your mind.

If a private session is your preference, our instructor can come to your villa to guide you through Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama or meditation. Or for romantic candlelit couple’s yoga. They are also qualified to offer prenatal and children’s yoga.

Yoga Disciplines Available

Sun Rise & Sunset Yoga (All Ages)
Performing yoga at sunrise or at sunset is the optimal way to experience its physical, mental and emotional benefits. The invigorating and challenging poses of Sunrise Yoga will awaken your senses with the rise of the sun leaving you energised for the rest of the day. Relatedly, the gentle and meditative poses of Sunset Yoga will unwind you preparing your mind and body for a peaceful twilight.

Hatha Yoga (All Ages)
The ancient practice of Yoga benefits its practitioners by bringing them spiritual and physical elevation. This unique form of exercise, which combines stretching and breathing help, improve circulation. This will, in turn, nourish the cells throughout your body leading to improved physical health and a more meditative state of mind.

Ashtanga Yoga (All Ages)
This practice will guide you through the eight-fold path of yoga as outlined by Patanjali: yama (moral conduct), niyama (contemplation), asana (yogic posture), pranayama (control over breathing), pratyahara (control over your senses), dharana (focused concentration), dhyana (meditation), samadhi (self-realisation). A combination of vigorous exercises for your limbs and an enlightening moment for your mind will leave you feeling accomplished and at peace.

Spinal Core Yoga (Suitable for All Levels)
Regular practice of Spinal Care Yoga increases flexibility. With this, you will notice that you can bend and stretch your spine in ways you never have before. These postures are designed to integrate and benefit the whole body by lengthening connective tissue, expanding the range of motion and improving posture.

Power Yoga
More energetic than traditional yoga, Power Yoga combines poses known for their energising properties. This yoga is a fitness-oriented practice that tonesyour muscles, improves flexibility and stability.

Weight-loss Yoga
It is an extension of Power Yoga and focuses on perfecting each pose by holding it for longer. This improves endurance and flexibility and contributes to a leaner and more svelte figure.

Vinyansa Yoga (Advanced)
It’s derived from the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and employs the technique of “connecting postures” and breath-synchronised movements that lead you to a path of physical lightness and mental peace. Your body, mind and spirit are synchronised granting you truly holistic well-being. According to Ashtanga, the movement performed in Vinyasa heat the blood, subsequently thinning it so it follows more freely in the body, which creates a healthier, lighter and stronger mind and body.

Concentration (Internal)
This introductory session of meditation will take you through the steps and basic techniques to achieve the correct mental state required for meditative serenity. You will improve your ability to focus and concentrate.

Cyclic Meditation (Internal)
This practice of meditation develops the control of the body’s vital energy, Prana. It focuses inner to your breathing and you will discover your senses from external spurs to achieve concentration of the mind and cultivation of inner peace.

Mindfulness Meditation (External)
Explore the five elements that make a beautiful mind: calm, gratitude, clarity, spontaneity, and care. By defining what a happy and beautiful mind means to you, you achieve a state of inner serenity and peace.

Spiritual Meditation (External)
Reach the deepest point of meditative relaxation, and enjoy the present moment. This guided meditation seeks to open your mind as well as your heart, by allowing you to feel the true nature in all beings.

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