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Raffles Seychelles - Introducing the rare flora and fauna of the Seychelles
February 21st 2022

Introducing the rare flora and fauna of the Seychelles

Located in one of the most remote corners of the world, Praslin Island, the second largest granite island in the Seychelles, is striking in its beauty: luxurious bright green forests, crystal clear azure ocean and white beaches. Praslin boasts many natural attractions as well as several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Raffles Seychelles actively supports eco-initiatives aimed at restoring and preserving the island’s biodiversity, supporting the local community and developing the country’s economy. The team of the resort, together with the inhabitants of the island, participates in landscaping areas affected by forest fires, and also works on the creation and development of ecotourism on the islands.

The strategic location of the island allows guests of the resort to easily reach the neighboring islands many of which are protected areas with amazing flora and fauna.
Excursions to the nearby islands can be by boat or a full day travel, allowing you to meet hundreds of giant turtles on Curieuse Island, visit the most magnificent beaches on La Digue Island, and then snorkel around Ile Coco.

Discover the uninhabited island of Aride, one of the world’s most important nature reserves and breeding ground for more than a million seabirds, including many endemic species. Rangers guarding the flora and fauna of the island will escort guests to the top, from where a breathtaking view opens, along the way acquainting them with the local inhabitants.